A Hand-Drawn Adventure Game
April 28, 2015

Elroy Nominated For Most Creative Game At Reboot Develop 2015


Back from the übercool Reboot Develop gaming conference in Dubrovnik. Elroy had a nice spot where we demoed the game and let people playtest it.

We were amazed by how much positive feedback we got for Elroy. All in all, letting people play your game before it is finished is not only a good idea but rather a necessity. You watch a person that had no involvement in developing your game play it for the first time. You almost instantly see what is cool, what not,  if  the experience and mechanics work or where you need to fix something.

At the end of the 3-day event was a indie game award ceremony where Elroy And The Aliens was nominated for Most Creative Game! Excited! 🙂

If you’ve been at our stand at Reboot and you are reading this, many thanks for stopping by, trying Elroy and sharing your opinion about the game!


One of Elroy’s early testers was also Rami Ismail, the co-founder of Vlambeer and famous indie game development guru (not sure if he likes to be called that way but that’s what he is). 🙂 Rami said the following about Elroy: “I like it. I would play it. I appreciate that the game values my time. I only hope you can maintain that level of polish throughout the whole game.” Rami, thanks for dropping by. Glad that you like Elroy! Yes, we can and we will. We promise that the finished game will be as pretty as two baby unicorns playing under a rainbow in Narnia.

(Oh, just in case: Dubrovnik is the place where they film the King’s Landing scenes for Game Of Thrones which shouldn’t need further intro if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of years. 😉


Elroy And The Aliens is a puzzle adventure game packed with action, humor and aliens. Hand-drawn and animated in 2D.

Coming soon to iOS, Android, PC, Mac & PS Vita.

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