A Hand-Drawn Adventure Game
July 1, 2013

Meet Peggie

Here’s the super short story: One random day, while relaxing on the couch, Elroy heard a loud bang, stepped outside and saw Peggie trying to repair her strange looking vehicle which she has crashed into the building that Elroy lives in. Then they talked for a while and she told him secret alien stuff. This is how it all started.

We are not sure, and I don’t think Elroy is either, but there must be something about Peggie that lifted Elroy’s behind from his chewed up sofa, made him step outside into broad daylight and embark upon the greatest world-saving adventure since Indiana Jones 3.

Elroy And The Aliens is a puzzle adventure game packed with action, humor and aliens. Hand-drawn and animated in 2D.

Coming soon to iOS, Android, PC, Mac & PS Vita.

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