A Hand-Drawn Adventure Game
May 1, 2013

Our Greatest Adventure So Far

A long time has passed since we adjusted the tape head on a Commodore 64 for the first time and dived into the magical pixel crafted world of endless imagination and creativity called video games.

We love playing adventure and puzzle games and laughing our butts off watching old Tom & Jerry cartoons.

Our goal has always been straight and simple — make enough money doing projects to make our own, self-produced adventure game.

We are a group of four. Finally we are here. Producing our own game and everything around it. Our band is Motiviti and this blog is here to share our story and the story of our debut game Elroy And The Aliens.

Elroy And The Aliens is a puzzle adventure game packed with action, humor and aliens. Hand-drawn and animated in 2D.

Coming soon to iOS, Android, PC, Mac & PS Vita.

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