A Hand-Drawn Adventure Game
September 1, 2013

Our Main Gamedev Rules

The Gaming Experience

Do we love Monkey Island? Hell yeah!

But do we like the Monkey Island mobile port game experience? Hell no!

In addition to the desktop, we are building Elroy And The Aliens also with touch devices in mind.

We want to bring the puzzle-adventure genre closer to both younger gamers and veteran adventure game fans who are looking for good games on mobile.

We have to make the puzzles and the whole gaming experience as one-finger-friendly as possible – no multi-action tools, no multiple-choice drop-down menus and no tiny objects to click on – while still remaining true to the adventure spirit.

The Art

One of our rules is: don’t reinvent the wheel.

If someone has already built a great tool that can make our gamedev process easier – like Unity for example – we use it.

This is not the approach we use with our artwork, though. We draw every single line of every single object and texture by hand. Similar goes for animations. Most of them will be hand-crafted.

We want the game to look nothing short of amazing. So no shortcuts here.

The Sound

The soundscape for us is an inseparable part of the whole gaming experience.

We are producing the music ourselves – this is the only way we can create the specific feel and atmosphere that we want the scenes to have. It’s going to be awesome!

For the sound effects  (like slaps, falls, cracks, boings, switch-flips etc.), we are going to try and edit & remix as much as we can from our existing sound effect libraries (lots of great stuff there), but we will also record what we have to.

The Humor

The really fun and also important part of our gamedev process \o/.

Just today we’ve been talking about how cool it is to be able to goof around and make up  gags as part of the job :).

We are big fans of slapstick humor in cartoons and we want to pack the game with lots of ridiculously funny moments.

Elroy And The Aliens is a puzzle adventure game packed with action, humor and aliens. Hand-drawn and animated in 2D.

Coming soon to iOS, Android, PC, Mac & PS Vita.

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