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From the Press:

  • “Motiviti’s Elroy And The Aliens doesn’t just look like a cartoon; it also has the visual gags and slapstick humour of a cartoon. And if you’re anything like I am, that’s enough to make you sit up straight and pay attention.” – Chris Priestman, Pocketgamer.co.uk
  • “Elroy and the Aliens was easily one of the best games at the event [Very Big Indie Game Pitch 2015, PGConnects, London], demonstrating a fast moving point and click adventure, fused with a brilliant bit of auto-runner design, plus light puzzle solving elements, and fantastically well-animated characters.” – Peter Willington, Appspy.com
  • “Coupled with slapstick humor and a 2D environment with the heart and soul of creativity poured into it, Elroy and The Aliens looks to be one to look out for.” – Tom Wyatt, OnlySP.com “… it’s hard not to feel how much effort they’ve poured into Elroy and the Aliens.” – Brian Kale, Continue-Play.com


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Elroy And The Aliens is a brand new point and click adventure game like you've never played before. A story about love, loss and regret... of a boy looking for his father, and a girl yearning for adventure. Fasten your seatbelts for a journey of epic, world-saving proportions, with more than 60 characters and 60 odd locations around the galaxy!
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