A Hand-Drawn Adventure Game
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Elroy And The Aliens is classic point & click adventure game, hand-drawn and animated in 2D. Full of sci-fi tropes, ancient secrets, conspiracies, talking robots, emotional drama and… aliens!

Best Indie Game (Slovenian Games Conference)
Most Creative Game (Robot Develop)
Meet the characters
Elroy Deluna, rocket engineer extraordinaire! His love for wires, numbers and gadgets is surpassed only by his desire for the status quo. His father was a famous archeologist that died 18 years ago... or did he?
Peggie Wolfe, hot shot reporter for Slope City News. She has a natural talent for research, languages and history. You'll be hard-pressed to find a person more adventurous and open to the unknown.
Mayor Cyril Wanderbrust, the most powerful man in Slope City. Once an avid patron of archeological expeditions. Ever since his wife Zarya died, he's been reclusive and obsessed with something... but what?